Diamond S Cube Feeders

Visibly the better choice

Tired of feeding with buckets and bags? One of the most time-consuming aspects of raising livestock is feeding. Let us help you make caring for your herd easy, safe, and hassle-free with Diamond S Cube feeders.

No longer will you have to make several trips to feed your herd or worry about being harmed by hungry cows. Simply install a Diamond S Cube Feeder to the bed of your truck and let it do the work for you. With our automatic feeders, you can take less time and effort while making sure that your livestock is fed on a regular schedule.


  • Sturdy and heavy-duty for long-lasting use
  • Continuous 12-volt electric motors for smoother operations
  • 8 auger with adjustable cover
  • Scales, counters and hydraulic motors available
  • Adaptable to hydraulic beds
  • Full opening lid for easy and full loading
  • Slender design ideal for bale beds
  • Chain driven

Wide Range of Feeder Sizes

One feeder size rarely fits all. Our staff recognizes that each need is unique, which is why our Diamond S Cube Feeders come in a variety of sizes.

Feeder available are available in:

  • 1200 lb (24” W x 72” L x 45” H)
  • 1800 lb (33” W x 72” L x 45” H)
  • 1500 lb (30” W x 72” L x 45” H)
  • 2000 lb (36” W x 72” L x 45” H)